A China Construction Bank branch on Kiukiang Road, Shanghai, is being touted as the first "unmanned bank" on the Chinese mainland with its opening on April 9, 2018, reports the Shanghai Observer.


Instead of being approached by human personnel, the bank foyer is staffed by a robot, which serves as the bank lobby manager, and is able to communicate with customers to meet their needs and solve their problems.



The difference between a traditional self-service bank and the unmanned bank is the intelligent self-service equipment which is able to access various banking services within the branch.



Customers at the Kiukiang CCB branch have access to video teller3 machines, currency exchange machines, as well as interactive services including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The self-service equipment can handle over 90% of the cash and cashless services of a traditional bank.


九江建行分行的客户可以使用视频柜员机,货币兑换机以及增强现实和虚拟现实等互动服务。 自助设备可以处理传统银行90%以上的现金和无现金服务。

However, despite the term "unmanned bank," the Kiukiang CCB branch does still maintain a human staff.