More than half a south Korean in their final year or high school recently took the university entrance examination. Many people consider success on this test the first toward a good life. But South Korean students say they feel stressed from the pressure.


South Korean high school students spend years studying for the university entrance examination. People say good scores guarantee entrance to a top university and the possibility of a high-paying job. Some say good test results even improve chances for a good marriage in the future.


The multiple choice test means the student may choose among several possible answers to a question. Some observers say this system does not help the students learn to think for themselves.They also say South Korea is not the only country to use these tests. Professor Kim says this system of learning by memorization produces a lot of stressed students. Recent government study found that South Korean children are the least happy compared to children in 29 other developed countries. Many South Koreans blame educational pressure for this unhappiness.


South Korean President has promised to reform her country's educational system. She urges the system to increase creative thinking and reduce student tension.


Still, getting South Korean parents to ease the pressure on their children might not be so easy. Many South Korean parents say they would like not to put so much pressure on their children. But there is a lot of competition, so it is impossible for parents not to do so. For now , what parents can do is to hope that the pressure brings good results.