My father used to talk fondly of his nine siblings . He used to mention again and again that I was unfortunate that I had only one sister. If I did not get along with her, if she married and left the nest, I would be alone. I used to envy him a little and wonder how nice it would be to have a houseful of brother; and sisters. I also used to wonder what it would be like to be an only child.


 First of all, I would not have to share anything. I could have all my parents love, instead of dividing it by the number of children. I could ask for anything I want. My parents would probably dote on me. There would also be no hand-me-downs. I will not have to wear someone else's clothes. In the area of education, since my parents would spend all their money on me, I can reach out and study anything. My parents would probably send me to the best university in the world.


 The disadvantages of being an only child would be that I would be very lonely. After my parents leave the world, I will not have any blood relative left. I will not have anyone who will share with me the fond memories of our parents. That would be very sad. While growing up too, it would be nice having brothers and sisters. They will stand by you no matter what. I remember the time when my sister hurled herself like an angry tigress at a playground bully who hit me. when I was five years old and she was only four. I am not sure anyone but a sibling would have done that.


 I also think that if I grew up as an only child, I am likely to be selfish. I realize that the world is for sharing. I have seen one of my classmates behaving very selfishly and he is an only child. I certainly don't want to be him.


On the whole, I think there are more disadvantages than advantages to being an only child.